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The Ingles in Weaverville, NC store #180 I was in there late at night around 1:00am on a Saturday and saw a kid working third-shift around the age of 16. Asking him how he liked it? and what he did? He explained that his dad was the third-shift manager and that it was okay. He also mentioned that he uses the card board bailer. If my memory serves me correctly on Card Board bailers has a sign... Read more

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When i shop there i see this young kid like 16 or 19 have to be forced tp work with the old people i feel sorry for him he should be allow to come in with the high school kids Add comment

store#456 John Fletcher he has the attitude of a ***. i have been in there a bunch of times . I asked him a question and he acted like I was interrupting him. I was in the grocery business for 30 + years . I was taught that the customer was always right. He could say hello with a smile. And can I hep you with something? That must not be the way it is done this day and time. How do these... Read more

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Bought gas @ Ingles in Dallas 1/20/16. Truck runs horrible. Never again. Buyer beware. Add comment

I just left Ingles in Elberton Ga. I just witnessed a white man that work there. Older white man with tinted glasses. I was in line where a younger black guy with glasses and dreads was the cashier. I saw this white man see that the young man needed help. He helped the white girl beside the young black guy. I saw him see all of us see him look at the young man and all his customers that needed... Read more

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Ingles in elberton ga. Is very dangerous to enter shopping center after dark. Entrance is not clearley marked and hard to navigate with oncoming traffic. Once you commit to turn, look out! Why why why? Add comment

Managers treat employees bad a lot of them accuse them of stealing treat the customers bad and lie to them an alot of the product is not good and the manager still coupons and accused the employees of taking them but the managers always have an attitude with the customers and employees and talk very badly to the employees Add comment

My wife was hired at the seneca store to do floral and told the store manager that that was what she wanted!! She worked for 6 weeks and got called in on her off days a couple of times and also had to be out because our daughter got sick and once because she sprang her foot!! The manager always had good things to say to her and yesterday told her he was moving her to the cash register and that... Read more

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I have experienced almost every employee at the Patton Ave. Ingles does not know where things are at the store. They point to some random place in the store, but almost never really knows where things are on the shelves. In otherwords there is no customer service. Maybe for the elderly or in-firmed, but for the average customer, I have to roam around to find what I am looking for. They just... Read more

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The steak selection at 6:00 pm on any given time or day is terrible at this store! Add comment

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